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Corporate video production

Got valuable live sessions and information to share company-wide?

Digitally record them and share the valuable content.

We produce the content as you need it, when you need it.

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video production

The Video Production Services

We create edited digital content that may consist of presentation slides and animated graphics, synchronized with presenter video or any other combination of multiple, synchronized, video streams in virtually any digital format required for online streaming, downloading, or simply archiving. Our digital video production services and web video production service produce ready to use training video, promotional video and web video clips.

Since Digital Pickle is not a traditional video production studio – our videographers and producers are engaged in other areas of our business well – we can offer commercial video production services at significantly lower rates

The Value of Knowledge Sharing

Digital Pickle enables cost effective knowledge sharing within the corporation and between the corporation and its customers and suppliers. We do that by providing streamable video logs integrated with other media (presentation slides, still images, screen shots, video clips, live shoots, etc.) of informal technical reviews, business sessions and more structured formal training sessions. The most effective training is usually provided by knowledgeable people within the organiztion in informal settings within the work context. We specialize in enabling you to leverage that knowledge and disseminate it across the company.

We enable the organization to function more effectively using shared knowledge and reference while saving significant costs. We produce streaming video files from HD or SD source in any format to suite a specific LMS (Learning Management System) or a simple streaming server in formats such as WMV, QuickTime, Flash, H.264 or any other required format.

Corporate Video Applications

We at Digital Pickle are experts in enabling effective knowledge sharing across the company and with your partners. We consider "knowledge sharing" within an organization as:
If you find that you have a need to archive and share any of the above events and activities, we have a full staff at hand to work with you throughout the production process.

Our professional video production services are available in the entire San Francisco Bay Area and in the Los Angeles Metro Area.
Contact us or call 415.861.4565 or 626.605.2815.

We provide all the equipment (video, audio, lighting) and a professional on-location team that can be available virtually at a moment's notice.
Our prices are highly competitive and are determined on a per project basis.